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Event Administration, Budget & Management

  • Risk assessment and viability planning of the event with the client
  • Drawing up of the budget with the client
  • Managing the overall budget as a live up to date document.
  • Planning cashflow needs for the project.
  • Weekly updates in terms of ticket sales and other income vs spend
  • Signing off of invoices against the budget for payment
  • Reconciliation of budgets after event
  • Managing payments on behalf of client if required
  • Handling all artist contracts and paperwork
  • Populate and manage a google drive folder with all paperwork related to the events and event budgets
  • Setting up ticketing and manage the ticketing vendor

Event Compliance

  • All licensing in terms of liquor license, JOC applications etc.
  • Overseeing security, traffic planning and medical services at the event
  • Putting together event files and precuring permissions from authorities where needed
  • SAMRO document collection from all artists.
  • Food vendor health certificates

Event Programming & Artists

  • Booking of artists and entertainers for the event.
  • Programming the event.
  • Working with co-bookers / promoters in curating the line-ups under their control where applicable
  • Advancing all artists requirements in terms of technical, travel, catering etc.
  • Running the show on show day in terms of artist arrival and stage management

Event Production

  • Liaising with venues
  • Drawing up of terrain plans and maps if/where needed, to scale and in CAD
  • Managing project timelines and overseeing marketing timelines
  • Drawing up of and managing production timelines and load in and out schedules as well as show run schedules
  • Advancing of technical requirements with suppliers
  • Overseeing branding plans and activations for sponsors
  • Managing cashless supplier if the event is cashless

Event Staffing

  • All supplier negotiations and confirmations
  • Appointing crew and team members for the project and finalising deals with them
  • Appointing casual staff and volunteers
  • Managing staff needs in terms of travel, accommodation and catering